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Privacy, Care, Security, Compliance

As a team of experienced data protection consultants we collaborate with trusted experts in the industry including lawyers and IT + Cloud professionals to deliver the best and secure GDPR compliance experience for You and Your company


What We Do

Identifying what personal data is processed: what is collected, where and how stored, to whom transferred, and reviewing IT/Cloud infrastructure and systems in order to access GDPR compliance. Preparing action plans to achieve compliance.


GDPR compliance assessment and action plans to achieve compliance


Preparation of detailed documentation about specific system as well as document forms that can be released to Your customers as a proof that IT system or cloud service is GDPR compliant.

System compliance audit (review of one particular system), Privacy by Design principle review for IT systems






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Social engineering testing for companies

Supporting You in variuos regular Data Protection Officer activities and tasks like designing and keeping up to date Data Privacy register, ensuring that all GDPR documentation is up-to-date and properly designed, doing regular employee trainings and more.

DPO services



Giving advice on usage of various tools and system architecture related with GDPR implementation, both from perspective of GDPR documentation and personal data as well as consents handling.

Tools for GRC compliance

About us

We are a group of experienced independent experts, working for the purpose of helping our clients' businesses reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. Our power lies under our team members who have strong background in creation of GRC solutions designed according to the special needs of individual client. As a member of LDAPA we share and exchange our knowledge and experience with others in order to spread solutions even further.

We identify the problems that our clients have, prepare the road map of the actions need to be taken and partner with best suited field players to help You accomplish Your goals in the most effective, safe and comprehensive way.

Privacy Partners  are members of:


Some of our expert's certifications:

About us
Mantas Kapocius.jpg

Martynas Bieliūnas

Managing partner, founder

Mantas Kapočius

Chief operating officer,


Mindaugas Glodas

Partner, founder

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Ingrida Stankevičienė

Data protection expert, Partner

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Mantas Sebeika

Systems / GDPR analyst

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Šarūnas Virbickas

Data protection expert


Contact us

Smolensko str 6-407, Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel: +370 5 254 8240

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